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Our services

Fiscal law

We will be able to advise you in national and international tax matters, within the framework of a particular project, in the conduct of processes as well as in the execution of tax planning, estate planning, VAT, etc.

Criminal Law

The jurists of the Legal Consultation are mainly active in the field of criminal law. With extensive experience and skills in accounting, commercial law and finance, they guarantee quality advice in complex criminal law cases.

Trade Law

Over the years, we have gained the experience and expertise necessary to best resolve each of the cases entrusted to us, with ease. Your goals are ours and we match all of your expectations with your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Insurance law

The Legal Consultation advises you on insurance law. With regard to private insurance, in terms of the conclusion or termination of the contract, the interpretation of contractual clauses and the principle of a right to compensation. Concerning social insurance, in terms of AVS, AI, unemployment insurance, occupational provident fund (LPP) and in terms of the right to various federal or cantonal benefits (General Hospice, Supplementary benefits).